David’s Tea

Ahhhhhh, there’s nothing quite like lounging at home with a steamy, foamy chai tea latte in a lovely mug. I just can’t get enough.

I’ve tried the chai latte everywhere, but David’s Tea offers my absolute favourite in their “chai and mighty” tea. Jumping Bean, a company in NL, serves up a very close (and delicious) second.

What makes David’s Tea stand out?

It isn’t just the fab lattes at David’s Tea that I adore. This is a great Canadian company that started less than 10 years ago in Toronto with one shop and has since ballooned to become 200 shops across North America. It’s a hit!

They offer excellent customer service, unique and high quality products, modern and attractive packaging in vibrant colours, and a pleasant in store experience. They know what their customers want and they serve it with a stylish smile.

David’s Tea offers a lovely latte in store, and they also sell take-home supplies and accessories to enable you to make the dreamy drinks yourself. They know how to hook you!

My DIY David’s chai and mighty latte at home. I like it a latte

How do David’s Tea’s signature elements translate into their web and social media presence?

That signature David’s Tea teal (hmmm, I wonder if they chose that brand colour because it has the word “tea” in it?) is all over their physical stores, website (including an online store), and social channels. Their loyalty cards are the shape and colour of their disposable tea cups, and they use the cup icon throughout their website and social channels. Even their FAQ page is attractive and iconographic!

On Facebook, David’s Tea has a corporate page but also has local pages for the locations in each province (e.g. there is a page for the location I frequent in St. John’s, NL). This extends the local feel of the company and helps customers to feel it is somewhat homegrown.

Interactions on the company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts are responsive and friendly. They are translating the in store experience into the online experience.

The bright, vibrant colours from the shop are also brought into the online and social tools, and the signature David’s Tea fonts (they use two) are everywhere on these channels. They apparently have very clear brand standards and their team is very good at following these guidelines.

What can we learn from David’s Tea?

I think we can learn that it’s wise to pick one thing (in this case, tea), and do it really, really well. The comfort, relaxation and health aspects of tea are at the forefront of this brand, yet they add something unexpected. David’s Tea has single handedly succeeded in making tea a treat. The everyday hot cuppa we all knew and loved is gone, and it’s been replaced by a fashionable, fun, treat yo’self teal cup.

There is also cohesion across the products, customer service, and visual identity of the brand. Much like the yellow arches or the swoosh, the teal tea cup is becoming an icon that is clearly and distinctly linked to its company and its audience experience.


3 thoughts on “David’s Tea

  1. I totally agree about picking one thing and doing it well.
    It’s funny I actually really got into teas, thanks to David’s Tea, in the summer. I was looking for a sugar free option for drinking at the cottage, and a girl at work had the individual iced tea containers. I went out that night, spent waaaaay more money than I should have, and now I’m hooked. The whole “smell your tea” makes is such a sensory experience. I love that you features them!


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