Canada Goose

When I think of Canada Goose, I think of the ubiquitous puffy winter coat in its limited colour palette.

I first became aware of Canada Goose in about 2009, though I was surprised to learn the company had been founded in the 1970’s. Canada Goose has operated under various names since its inception, and has focused on different versions of winter outerwear. Through the years, the company has partnered with, and catered to, film crews, Arctic explorers, and people working and living in adverse winter weather conditions. In 2004, Canada Goose’s coats played roles in the Hollywood films The Day After Tomorrow and National Treasure. These product placements appear to mark the beginning of Canada Goose’s rise to fame.


What makes Canada Goose stand out?

Canada Goose stands out because it is a proudly “made in Canada” brand, and because it is EVERYWHERE. Living in St. John’s, NL, I see countless Canada Goose coats from December to April. The company must make a killing here. We have a relatively small population, but I would venture to guess the amount of Canada Goose coats per capita is astounding.

The coats are warm, functional, and perfectly suited to our harsh winters.

How do Canada Goose’s signature elements translate into their web and social media presence?

Canada Goose is associated with the extreme cold, and this permeates throughout their social channels.

The hashtag #ArcticExtreme is used throughout their social channels. Their Facebook page includes videos and articles about trekking through the Arctic. Canada Goose has positioned itself as an extreme cold weather brand which can support anyone through the elements.

The company is also attempting to establish itself as a luxury brand, according to their social media descriptions (i.e. “Luxury apparel informed by the demands of the Arctic”), and this is apparent in their Instagram channel. I’m not buying it. These coats are worn by every third university student across the country. Their ubiquity makes them un-luxurious. They are solid winter coats, but they are not luxury.

What can we learn from Canada Goose?

From Canada Goose, we learn that, if you can make one product with broad application here in Canada and make it well, you can build a huge business. With only minor variations from year to year (i.e. a new colour or two), Canada Goose is booming. They have addressed a market need: quality coats made for our harsh winters. And they have integrated the Canadian element (i.e. made here for our weather) to make the coats even more attractive to men and women across the country.


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