Leon’s is a much more than “ho-ho-hold the payments.” Founded in 1909 by Ablan Leon, the A. Leon Company was a general merchandise store in Welland, Ontario. It has since grown to become Canada’s first big box store, and sells furniture, appliances and home décor items across the country.

Leon’s also carries its own line of furniture that is made in Canada.

Last summer, my fiancé and I purchased appliances and furniture from Leon’s for our new home, and we are thrilled with the products so far.

Leon's Sofas
Our Leon’s “Astin” Sofa & Loveseat #myleons

What makes Leon’s stand out?

Historically, Leon’s has been known for carrying brand name furniture and appliances for low prices. The company has also been known for providing financing options for customers. Making high-quality home items affordable and accessible for customers was a key element of the founder’s business strategy and philosophy, and the Leon descendants continue this tradition today.

In recent years, Leon’s has set themselves apart from other “big box” stores by offering a new line of furniture that is made in Canada, and by employing a blog and social media strategy that is targeted at a younger, more urban demographic than the company had previously reached.

How do Leon’s signature elements translate into their web and social media presence?

Leon’s traditional store website carries the recognizable yellow Leon’s logo throughout, and hosts a countless supply of furniture and appliances available to order through the local stores as well as online. The availability of financing is also quite apparent throughout the site.

In keeping with Leon’s desire to reach a younger, more urban demographic, they’ve launched a blog called “Hello Yellow” which follows the style and content of online home décor and lifestyle magazines. DIY projects, home makeovers, beautifully styled living spaces and attractive recipes fill the site, all based on a seasonal calendar. The blog encourages customers to customize their Leon’s purchases in ways that reflect their personal styles and lifestyles. The hashtag #myleons is prevalent throughout the blog, and the site includes a page dedicated to photos of customers’ homes and DIY projects.


The company’s Facebook page includes gorgeous photos of heavily styled Leon’s products. Photos include just a few Leon’s pieces (sometimes, even just one item from Leon’s), and are styled with beautiful art, flatware, decorative objects and linens.

Alongside the regularly updated blog, Leon’s has active profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Leon’s is telling their story – and the stories of their customers – through beautiful photos and videos.

The signature Leon’s yellow is used in their language on all of their channels as well as through their photos and videos. Some of the styled rooms even use the yellow in their colour scheme.

What can we learn from Leon’s?

  • Visuals: Excellent, well-lit photography and quality videos are key to presenting a stylish, contemporary aesthetic.
  • Storytelling: Sharing customers’ personal stories through a highly curated, seasonally planned calendar is attention-grabbing.
  • Made in Canada: There is a market for products that are made in Canada. Customers are seeking high-quality, Canadian-made goods and are willing to pay a bit more to get them.

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